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Achieving Sales Growth at Priority Retailers

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  • #1

    geographically certified EVOO from Italy in the USA
  • 600%

    increase in social media following
  • 10M+

    social media advertising impressions
  • 17K+

    customers directed to targeted retailers
  • 40x

    increase in product searches

Messaging matters, especially in development of hyper-targeted, geographically specific campaigns. By investing in the right messaging, Marino helped Bono exceed its targets for olive oil sales at priority retailers and controlled cost per result.

A well-crafted strategy builds brand loyalty as well as sales

It’s a familiar request: Marino is asked to devise a strategy for boosting retail sales. But this engagement was exceptional because, thanks to the strength of our relationship, Bono afforded our team the time necessary to devote months to building the foundation of the campaign.

We engaged in extensive creative message testing, community management, channel growth, and optimization testing to create custom initiatives. The groundwork included conducting A/B testing that led us through a series of iterations to the most effective messages, audiences and targeting.

This allowed us to develop a messaging tool capable of spurring drive to action, building brand connections and growing sustainable loyalty.

Brand storytelling doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Specific, systematic and rooted in data, our creative campaign aligned with defined metrics for success.

The messages we developed reflected the pillars of the brand, which we knew intimately as a result of our long-standing relationship with Bono.

Perfecting the campaign entailed custom creative development that A/B tested efficacy against our specified metric. This enabled us to identify the most effective creative assets, which we further tested through incremental audience segmentation and lookalike development.

We created a community management script to both drive in-store action and build a relationship with our customers. The benefits of this strategy became apparent quickly. We had intended the community management script to be used chiefly as a way to drive action. But it resonated with targets so strongly that we soon realized it delivered added value as a tool for growth in brand loyalty.

From geographic targets, a national success story

Bono rocketed to placement among the top 10 olive oil brands nationally, and sales by its leading retailer exceeded expectations on both sides. This opened the door to restocking and new placement at other high value retailers and further national and international growth.

There’s no doubt: data delivers results

Our creative tactics for Bono drove real world outcomes—and at a lower cost per result. The campaign also streamlined and enhanced our strategic capabilities for managing future hyper-targeted, geographically oriented campaigns.

Marino has been an integral part of our growth and expansion across the U.S., helping to make Bono one of the fastest growing and most respected EVOO brands in the nation today. When we began working with them in 2018 we were just getting started. Now, with Marino leading our earned media, advertising, social media and partnerships programs, Bono is well positioned for even further market expansion with not only our award-winning olive oils, but also with our Sicilian marmalades and olives.

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