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Technical.ly Brooklyn: NYU Tandon gets $4.45 million to work on 5G and cybersecurity

NYU Tandon School of Engineering received a $4.45 million grant this week from the state of New York to research wireless technology and cybersecurity.  Technical.ly Brooklyn’s Tyler Woods covered the story.

As per the article:

The recently renamed NYU Tandon School of Engineering announced this week it received $4.45 million from the state of New York for its Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications and Distributed Information Systems (CATT).

The announcement said the money would be used to focus on wireless technology, cybersecurity and data science over the next five years. Of note are CATT’s focus on 5G cellular technology (can’t come soon enough now that Facebook is essentially a video site) and cybersecurity, which in light of everythingeverywheregetting hacked, is also much needed.

CATT is a really interesting public-private partnership because it receives about half its funding from the state and half from private industry. The technology it works on is geared toward what the demands are in the private sector, which, in theory, will end up helping everyone.

“The CATT has played an important role in shaping the research culture of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and furthering the transfer of technology from university laboratories to practical applications,” said NYU Tandon Dean and President Katepalli R. Sreenivasan in the announcement.

For the full article, click here.

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