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CBS: “Robotics changed my life”: A troubled teen finds her calling in tech

A segment on CBS News by Danielle Elliot recently highlighted the profound impact robotics has had on a young woman’s life.  The inspirational story  focused on Freya Wilhelm, captain of the robotics team at Lower East Side Preparatory High School in NYC.  After battling substance abuse issues and social struggles, Freya was introduced to robotics by a friend at her school.  Quickly gaining a thirst for more knowledge and responsibility, Freya became eager to take on a bigger role.  This past weekend, she led her robotics team, the Cyber Dragons, in the annual NYC FIRST Robotics Regional Championship.

As per the story from the CBS website:

“Before I joined the robotics team, I gave up on art school. I had no plan with what I wanted to do with my life,” she says. “Being introduced to robotics, I was introduced to a lot of things within robotics. Now, I want to go to college for mechanical engineering and I hope to continue to work with robotics.

“So, it really changed my life.”

Freya’s full story of how robotics had impacted her life can be found on the CBS News website by clicking here.

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