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Top 10 Business and Tech Cannabis Podcasts

By Sasha Abramzon

Podcasts have become a growing and popular medium across many sectors and industries. As the cannabis industry continues to expand, the popularity of cannabis podcasts is on the rise. Cannabis podcasts are a great way to stay up to date on what is happening in all sectors of the cannabis industry including the intersection of cannabis business and technology. Podcasts can provide your company’s executive suite, innovators, and entrepreneurs the chance to test brand messaging, get their feet wet in an interview setting, and speak to folks in the industry directly on topics in which they are a field expert. These podcasts are also a necessity for your cannabis PR plan, as they are useful tools for staying updated on the emerging industry, building connections, and creating media opportunities.   

Here are the top 10 cannabis business and technology podcasts we recommend you tune into that will elevate your cannabis PR strategy:

The Dime

The Dime Podcast is your ultimate guide to the cannabis industry. Join the podcast every Thursday as they interview top industry leaders to share valuable insights, tips, and frameworks for success. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or just interested in the industry.

Plant Prophets

The Plant Prophets Podcast introduces you to some of the most forward-thinking executives and companies in the cannabis industry. Host Vern Davis speaks to those who are at the forefront of creating real companies and creating real career opportunities.

Cannabis Tech Talks

Cannabis Tech Talks features high-spirited and informative 10-20 minute discussions with cannabis industry leaders about the business, science, and tech topics moving the industry forward. The podcast is produced by the team behind the quarterly trade publication, Cannabis & Tech Today.  

The Cannabis Investing Podcast

In The Cannabis Investing Podcast, host Rena Sherbill provides actionable investment insight and the context with which to understand the burgeoning cannabis and psychedelics industry. Interviews with C-level executives, analysts and sector experts gives listeners investment ideas to consider, helps them think through their investing approach and provides a new lens with which to understand this ever-growing sector.

Roots to Risk

The Roots to Risk Podcast, hosted by Eric Schneider and Isaac Bock, brings in the leading industry leaders from the cannabis and psychedelic space. Each week the show helps to shine a light and promote all of the outstanding work being done and highlight the people who are leading the way in the cannabis industry. 

Cannabis Insider 

Cannabis Insider is co-hosted by Elliot Lane and Javier Hasse, and brings the latest news in the cannabis industry for all kinds of cannabis users. It features exclusive interviews with top leaders and executives in the industry, where they discuss the cannabis business, CBD, and psychedelics.


The CannaCast Podcast addresses the burning issues impacting the cannabis sector. EisnerAmper professionals cover the tax, regulatory, financial, logistic and other key strains of the industry. The podcast also talks about budding developments with market leaders from the highest levels.

Cannabinoid Connect 

Cannabinoid Connect, hosted by Kevin Carillo, has swiftly arisen as one of the most listened-to cannabis podcasts. The interview-style show features high profile guests from across industry sectors, including Jim Belushi, and creates conversation that aims to educate and inform the public regarding cannabis’s benefits and dispel the lies that have targeted cannabis and its consumers for over the last 100 years in the United States.  

Thinking Outside The Bud 

Thinking Outside the Bud is a business podcast devoted to driving innovation in the cannabis space. During each episode, the podcast hosts speak with founders, investors, thought leaders, researchers, advocates, and policy makers who are finding new and exciting ways for cannabis to positively impact business, society, and culture.

Branding Bud

Join David Paleschuck, the author of “Branding Bud: The Commercialization Of Cannabis” as he discusses cannabis branding and related topics with some of the best minds in branding, marketing, art, design, technology, and other related fields. The podcast aims to bridge the gap between the business and culture of cannabis. Gain insider insights, explore educational content, and find inspiration from successful cannabis entrepreneurs. 

Becoming familiar with the media landscape's developments and understanding the key podcasts in your brand’s sector is crucial for executing a successful public relations campaign. Your ability to navigate and leverage podcasts into your PR plan will strengthen the visibility of your company to your target audiences. These 10 cannabis business and technology podcasts deliver a great deal of information about the latest insights and key industry leaders. 

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