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Revamping PR Lingo: Busting the Overused Pitch Phrases

By Laurain Aydinian

Public relations is a dance of words, and sometimes we all fall into the rhythm of using the same steps—or in this case, phrases—over and over again. But let's face it, some of these lines are so overused they've lost their edge, and frankly, they're starting to sound a little robotic. So, let's dust off the old PR playbook and shake things up a bit: 

"Hope All is Well!" – Do You, Really? 

Ah, the classic opener. Sure, it seems polite, and we all want to be nice, right? But let's be honest, it's a bit of a filler phrase. Especially when you're reaching out to someone you barely know or have never spoken to before. Instead, why not jump straight to the point? Remember, authenticity is key in today's digital world, so keep it real and cut to the chase. 

"{XYZ date/holiday/event} is Right Around the Corner..." – Is it, Though? 

We get it, creating a sense of urgency can be useful. But this phrase has been used so much it's started to blend into the background. And in a world where every brand is vying for attention, blending in is the last thing you want. Instead, focus on the unique value proposition your client has to offer and let that create the urgency. 

"Please Let Me Know if You Have Any Questions" – They Will, Trust Me 

Another well-intentioned phrase that's become a bit of a cliché. Here's the thing, if someone has questions after reading your pitch, they'll ask. You don't need to remind them. So why not use that valuable email real estate to reinforce your client's key messaging or offer a fresh, engaging narrative instead? 

"Happy to Send Hi-Res Imagery Upon Request" – Are You, Though? 

Here's the deal, sending hi-res images is part of your job. It's unlikely to spark joy à la Marie Kondo. So, let's keep it straightforward. If a writer wants hi-res imagery, they'll request it. No need for the 'happy' preamble. 

While these phrases have become traditional staples in PR communications, they could be detracting from your pitch's impact. The good news is there are plenty of alternative approaches that can pack more of a punch and help your pitch stand out in a crowded inbox. And guess what? I'd be "happy" (the irony, I know) to discuss these alternatives further. Because when it comes to PR, it's all about finding the right words to tell your client's story in the most compelling, engaging, and authentic way possible. 

Everything starts with a conversation.

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