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10 New York Cannabis Influencers You Should Follow

By Sasha Abramzon

New York is one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in the United States.In such a competitive market, it can be hard to make sure your cannabis brand stands out. One fundamental toolforbuildingawarenessand to creatinga successful cannabis PR program is leveragingcannabis influencers. Cannabis influencers are used for brand awareness, product testing, and cannabis education, all of which will boost cannabis PR efforts for your brand. If you’re a cannabis brand trying to establish a footprint in New York’snascentcannabis market here are some social media influencers, you should be following and forming relationships with.

1. Amanda Hitz 

Amanda is the founder of Blend and Blaze. Amanda combines cannabis with lifestyle and wellness in her yoga sessions. 

Follow Amanda on Instagram: amanda_hitz

Courtesy @amanda_hitz Instagram

2. The Canna Witch

Witch, healer, and teacher. The Canna Witch is also a co-founder of HighGarden, a luxury events group. The Canna Witch educates consumers on cannabis as medicine, cannabis and food as well as all plant magic.  

Follow her on Instagram: thecannawitchnyc 

Courtesy @thecannawitchnyc Instagram

3. Emily The Fairy

Emily is a New York City-based cannabis social media influencer. Emily creates content that supports the normalization of consumption, combining cannabis with being a city girl, fashion, and lifestyle.  

Follow Emily on Instagram: emilythefairyy 

Courtesy @emilythefairyy Instagram

4. Kait Caridi

Kait is a known cannabis influencer in New York and started her career working in the medical industry before she began in the cannabis industry. Kait is a part of the CannaDiva team, working to uplift women in cannabis.  

Follow Kait on Instagram: kayejayecee 

Courtesy @kayejayecee Instagram

5. Kym B

Kym is the co-founder of Tribe Tokes. Kym is a popular New York cannabis industry figure who combines cannabis with lifestyle, wellness and beauty, while educating consumers on different ways to use the plant.  

Follow Kym on Instagram: highitskymb 

Courtesy @highitskymb Instagram

6. Visine Queen

Visine Queen is the founder of The Veux. She is a well-known cannabis influencer in New York who enjoys combining cannabis with different forms of art; painting, fashion, and cinema.  

Follow her on Instagram: visinequeen 

Courtesy @visinequeen Instagram

7. Solonje Burnett

Solonje is the co- founder of Humble Bloom. She is a popular cannabis industry figure, who also goes by The Weed Auntie. She uses social media to provide necessary education for cannabis consumption, medicine and cannabis growing. 


Follow Solonje on Instagram: solonjeburnett 

Courtesy @solonjeburnett Instagram

8. Strawberry Dutchess

Strawberry Dutchess is a cannabis social media influencer. She is an educated cannabis consumer and gives insight into different products and cannabis accessories. Strawberry Dutchess is involved in the cannabis community in New York and is also a judge for cannabis cups.  


Follow her on Instagram: strawberry.dutchess 

Courtesy @strawberry.dutchess Instagram

9. Wolf Stoner Queen

Krys is a professional hand roller. She specializes in rolling the best joints and blunts as well as filtered tips that she created herself that include rhinestones and charms. Krys works as a brand ambassador for Happy Munkey, a New York City legacy brand.  


Follow Krys on Instagram: wolf_stoner_queen 

Courtesy @wolf_stoner_queen Instagram

10. Wake and Bake Show
The Wake and Bake show is a cannabis podcast that features prominent figures in the New York industry. The Wake and Bake show covers cannabis products, brands and leaders in  within the community.  


Follow them on Instagram: wakeandbake_show 

Courtesy @wakeandbake_show Instagram

A fundamental part of any cannabis PR strategy will be leveraging influencers, especially as you attempt to make inroads in an emerging market. While it will always be important to know the media landscape and the key reporters on the beat, influencers cannot be left out of your strategy. Cannabis influencers are most often deeply connected to the community and offer wonderful opportunities to not only getbrand exposure on social media but also form connections and positive relationships. In any up-and-coming industry, especially one like New York, those opportunities offer a significant advantage. 

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