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New Jersey Cannabis Dispensary Series: Women-Owned Dispensary in New Jersey

By Samantha Qualls

Dispensary Name: Nightjar

Dispensary Location: 549 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield, NJ

Dispensary Owner(s): Francesca Derogatis, Amanda Rositano, and Katie Covett

Website: www.nightjarcannabis.com   

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nightjar_nj/

On the dispensary’s vibe:

Excerpted from an article in NJBiz:
“A woman- and minority-owned venture, Nightjar’s goal is to normalize cannabis and reduce stigma about the plant by offering customers a hospitality-driven experience. Designed by cannabis industry veterans, the store features a diverse team of budtenders equipped to provide custom product recommendations, as well as address questions about Nightjar’s curated inventory.”

On what the opening means to them:

Excerpted from an article in Patch:
“Nightjar is a labor of love and we’ve crafted this store to normalize the cannabis shopping experience,” DeRogatis said. “With this approach, we hope our community will feel more comfortable exploring and purchasing cannabis products and contributing to a sustainable, legal cannabis industry in New Jersey.”

On the power of cannabis:

Excerpted from an article in TapInto:

“Cannabis has endless benefits, and it’s a safer alternative to alcohol and addictive pharmaceuticals. Cannabis is medicine for many, a way to unwind, get creative, a tool to make life a little more vibrant – and everything in between. For communities, cannabis brings much needed tax revenue to support schools and other local infrastructure and can revitalize downtown communities, like Bloomfield Center, by bringing foot traffic to other nearby shops.”

On the challenges of cannabis:

Excerpted from an article in HeadyNJ:

“This is not an easy business to bring to life,” Rositano noted.

Nightjar dispensary had one of the best ambiance/environments of a New Jersey cannabis dispensary Heady NJ has seen so far. It was colorful with a disco ball, a rug, and many decorations like a jar of hemp flower behind the counter. The others in the running for the best ambiance/environments are also women-owned but smaller as micro dispensaries, Baked By the River and Elevated by CannaBoss Lady.

This has been a three-year labor of love, Rositano told Heady NJ.

Nightjar said in a press release they’re focused on supporting independent, minority women, and veteran-owned businesses.

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