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Marino’s Dope 4/20 Gift Guide 

By Nikkia Hurt-Bey

If you are a cannabis lover or canna-curious, 4/20 is a great time to learn about some exciting brands and try some new products (and potentially take advantage of some specials and discounts). Here are some Marino-tested cannabis brands and products we recommend you check out during this high-holiday:  

ayrloom, crafted by the 5th generation apple farm Beak & Skiff, represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, delivering a uniquely refreshing cannabis-infused experience. As the first cannabis beverage in the state, ayrloom beverages come in in an array of flavors such as Honeycrisp, Pink Grapefruit, Black Cherry, and Vanilla Cola. Ayrloom’s low-dose option is ideal for those first entering or exploring the world of cannabis. Explore more at https://ayrloom.com/beverages/. Price ~ 59.95 12 pack 


Discover Buy Weed From Women (BWFW), a black and woman owned and operated product design house founded by Jasmine Mans. Their apparel not only promotes the empowerment of women entrepreneurs but also advocates for cannabis legalization. Plus, a portion of proceeds from their "Good Weed Good Women" collection supports the New York City Food Bank. Be sure to grab their signature black tote, available exclusively at all New York Etain locations, and join the movement empowering women and supporting a worthy cause. Explore more at https://www.buyweedfromwomen.com/bwfw-shop/bwfw-tote-copy. Price ~ 30 

Buy Weed From Women

Claw Money and veteran cannabis brand Etain have launched a partnership   promoting the fusion of artistry and cannabis innovation! They have teamed up to craft a one-of-a-kind vape pen, exclusively available at ConBud on the Lower East Side and Etain's adult-use dispensary in White Plains. This vape pen showcases Claw Money's iconic graffiti flair while seamlessly integrating Etain's Balance 1:1 THC:CBD blend pod, also designed by Claw Money. If you head to Etain’s White Plains location, you will see Claw Money’s breathtaking 3D graffiti wall. Make sure to check out the Claw Money Collaboration with Etain in person at Etain’s Westchester location. Explore more at https://etainhealth.com/clawmoney/. Price ~ 55 

Claw Money x Etain

Cannabis Media Council, a cannabis non-profit, empowers individuals to embrace their cannabis use with their “I’m High Right Now” Hat, a bold proclamation that allows people to be expressive and let everyone know where just their head is at. The product helps crush the stigma around cannabis use, steering the path for a future including normalized consumption for all generations. Explore more at cannabismediacouncil.com. Price ~ 36  

Cannabis Media Council x Housing Works Cannabis Co "I'm High Right Now" Hat

As a woman owned, New York City-based cannabis and lifestyle brand, Issa Vibe exudes female empowerment. Their "King" and "Queen" 0.5ml disposable vape pens provide the perfect puff and are meticulously crafted to offer a superior experience through a flavorful draw from sustainably sourced, premium cannabis strains. Whether you want a clear-headed creative boost or soothing cerebral high, the "King" and "Queen" vape pens can cater to your wants and needs. Explore more at https://issavibe7g.com/. Price ~ $50 

Issa Vibe

Embark on a new era of cannabis consumption with House of Puff's groundbreaking debut THC product: The Spritz. This chic, pocket-sized oral spray offers a discreet and immediate option for consumption in social settings where traditional smoking may not be suitable. Not drinking or looking to try something new? You can still participate in the fun by spraying 1-2 pumps of the product in your favorite mocktail where you will be delivered a low-dose, fast-acting experience, with heightened control over your cannabis journey. The Spritz is available in two versions, "Social" and "Serenity," each boasting delightful fragrances and flavors. Experience the future of cannabis with The Spritz from House of Puff! Explore more at https://houseofpuff.com/. Price ~ 32 

House of Puff

Whether it's a cannabis infused drink, chic hat, or dope vape pen, this is a great list to cater to your innate curiosity or needs. You can try something new or stick to your tried-and-true option. Either way, your friends at Marino have got you covered and hope you keep your high on this eventful day. 

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