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Empowering Others through Nonprofit PR

By Daniella Alkobi

Many people associate PR with publicity stunts and press releases, but the industry goes beyond that. Public relations enables nonprofit organizations to refine their messaging, cultivate relationships with stakeholders and media, and support fundraising efforts.

Below are ways nonprofits can use PR to amplify their mission.

1.     Awareness & Visibility

Given the crowded nature of the nonprofit industry, it’s critical for organizations to communicate their message effectively. Through various tactics, nonprofits of all sizes have the potential to create significant change and reach a wide audience. Owned media is a valuable way to generate brand awareness and visibility. Examples include website blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts.

2.     Message Development

 Consolidating key messaging can be a challenge, particularly for nonprofits that offer a large range of services and programs. However, crafting a clear message makes it easier for stakeholders and the general public to understand your work.

Include key messaging in branding guidelines for internal teams and external partners like a PR agency. Lastly, keep messaging consistent across channels including your boilerplate, website copy, social media, etc.

3.     Storytelling & Thought Leadership

Human interest stories are at the heart of nonprofit PR because they connect people with your mission on an emotional level. List pitch ideas in your PR plan that can be crafted into authentic and compelling narratives. When pitching reporters, make sure you have a visual element available. For example, broadcast stations prefer video content/b-roll even if they can’t interview on-site. In addition, hold media training sessions to discuss potential interview questions and protocols so your team is well-prepared. When it comes to national holidays and awareness months, plan to pitch several weeks in advance because of journalists’ tight deadlines.

Beyond feature stories, it is important to leverage your CEO’s expertise when possible to speak with media as a source on relevant topics. Monitor the news regularly to identify key reporters and topics nonprofit leadership can speak to.

Whether you’re speaking with a reporter on the phone or in-person, be mindful of the fact that they have busy schedules are receive hundreds of pitches daily. By showing them you are familiar with their reporting and put thought into your pitch, you can build positive relationships that can turn into future opportunities. Other best practices include media list maintenance, following reporters on social media, personalizing pitch notes, and more.

4.     Nonprofit PR in Fundraising

Nonprofits benefit when they use PR for different aspects of fundraising, not just a culminating event. However, audiences do not want to be bombarded with donation requests every day. To show donors how their support makes a difference, pull statistics and feature testimonials.

With 32% of people most likely inspired to donate from social media, nonprofits can leverage their platforms to attract donors. Include your website in your bio across platforms to drive traffic or utilize donation buttons in Instagram Stories. Social media provides organizations with opportunities to be creative with video content, hashtags, copy, and more.

In addition, incorporate nonprofit PR into event management. Work with a public relations team to develop speeches and talking points, conduct media outreach and secure post-event coverage with assets.

From strategic communications and media relations to social media and event management, nonprofit PR encompasses a combination of activities. By developing a comprehensive PR strategy, organizations can achieve growth and ultimately serve even more members of their community.

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