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The Do’s and Don’ts of Talking About AI for PropTech Companies

By Elizabeth Latino

Ever since the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), tech companies of all sizes have been eager to integrate this technology into their solutions and products, aiming to enhance efficiency both internally and for their customers. This enthusiasm is particularly evident in the PropTech sector, where companies strive to distinguish themselves in an oversaturated market. However, while discussing innovation and AI's role in their operations is important, PropTech companies should approach this topic strategically. Before positioning yourself or a company spokesperson as an AI expert, here are three key considerations:

1.      Assess Your Readiness: Before shouting about your AI adoption from the rooftops, ensure you are fully prepared to discuss it. When engaging with reporters, they will inevitably ask about how AI is integrated into your operations and its purpose. If your utilization of AI is still evolving, or its benefits won't be accessible to customers for some time, it's wise to wait until your ready.

2.      Choose the Right Spokesperson: If you're confident in your readiness, identify a spokesperson who can engage with reporters effectively. While they might excel in discussing day-to-day matters and possess a general grasp of how AI integrates with your technology, reporters are often more interested in exploring AI's broader impact on the industry and current market trends. If your primary spokesperson isn't equipped to delve into these areas, consider involving an executive who possesses more in-depth knowledge.

3.      Prepare Thoroughly: In anticipation of interviews, equip yourself (or your spokesperson) with relevant talking points. Reporters will inquire not only about AI's influence on your company but also its implications for the real estate and tech sectors as a whole. Be ready to address technical inquiries, particularly when conversing with technology-focused reporters. Additionally, do your homework! Conduct thorough research – browse online resources to familiarize yourself with AI trends in real estate, enabling you to engage in insightful conversations with reporters.

Embracing the opportunity to discuss the latest PropTech trend is undeniably exciting. By ensuring your readiness and approaching media engagement thoughtfully, you can open doors for your executives and brand, positioning your company as a pioneering force in the realm of AI.

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