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Americans Say Grazie to Formaggio

By Robert Barletta

In the realm of culinary delights, few things rival the exquisite taste and quality of certified Italian cheeses.   Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gorgonzola, Burrata, Pecorino-Romano, Buffalo Mozzarella, and others, have all become household names.  Social media, as well as Stanley Tucci's popular TV shows on Italian cuisine, have only further amplified this appreciation.

As the American palate continues to evolve and refine itself, there's no better time than now to shine a spotlight on these savory treasures and introduce them to the eager taste buds of foodies across the United States.  Here's why.

First and foremost, the demand for premium, artisanal products is on the rise in the American market. Discerning consumers are increasingly seeking out high-quality, authentic ingredients to elevate their culinary experiences.  EU certified Italian cheeses perfectly fit the bill, offering a rich tapestry of flavors and textures that simply cannot be replicated.  Moreover, the allure of Italian cuisine is undeniable. With its rich history, diverse regional specialties, and emphasis on fresh, simple ingredients, Italian food holds a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide. By promoting and marketing certified Italian cheeses, we tap into this cultural fascination, inviting consumers to embark on a gastronomic journey steeped in tradition and authenticity.  Certification adds another layer of appeal, assuring consumers of the cheeses' authenticity, quality, and adherence to strict production standards. Each EU certified cheese carries with it a seal of approval that instills confidence and trust in the product.  Furthermore, the timing couldn't be better for such a promotion. With the growing interest in sustainable and ethically sourced foods, certified Italian cheeses offer a compelling narrative. From the use of locally sourced milk to traditional production methods passed down through generations, these cheeses embody the principles of sustainability and respect for the land. 

Through social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, media relations and targeted advertising, we can reach a wide audience of consumers eager to discover new culinary experiences. By leveraging these platforms to showcase the versatility and culinary potential of certified Italian cheeses, we can create a buzz that resonates throughout the American culinary landscape.

With new and exciting brands entering the U.S. market, the time is ripe to promote and market certified Italian cheeses to the American consumer.  With their unparalleled taste, cultural appeal, and certification-backed quality, these cheeses offer a winning combination that is sure to captivate the hearts and palates of consumers across the nation.   Let's embrace this opportunity to celebrate the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of Italian cheese, inviting Americans to savor a taste of "la dolce vita."

Barletta is executive vice president of Marino, a full-service strategic communications agency with offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.  He oversees the agency's food and beverage practice and is a U.S. market entry specialist for Italian brands.

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